Baby's First Day: 'Have To' Photo List


New Baby

The first day often goes by in a whirlwind of haze. As you are in the throngs on labour, focusing on the safe and healthy arrival of your 'little one' many things can get overlooked. The 'birth day' can be overwhelming. Although you may have an ideal plan of how you would like to give birth, these plans can go out the window as situations you weren't prepared for can often arise.

As the activities of the day blur into one, making a mental note of certain events you'd like to document can be useful. Your baby's first day only happens once and so do photo opportunities for this special day. As you focus on labour, taking pictures might be the last thing on your mind. However, in the days following the birth, you'll be glad you took those special shots to help you recall the important moments of the day. 

Although, I can recall the memories of the birth of my first child there are a few photo opportunities I missed, such as taking a picture of her hospital tag and cute baby feet.  

Since this was my first pregnancy my main focus was on getting through the various stages of labour. I had never thought about taking pictures to document the day but now I wish someone had told me it would be a nice thing to do. The day's events tend to blend into one and a photo can help trigger certain special memories. 

Therefore, if you are in the final stages of pregnancy, take some time out with your partner/husband to compile your list of 'have to' photos for your baby's first day. To offer some inspiration we've listed a few items below to help get you started:

Final Pregnant BellyFINAL BELLY PIC

I do have one of these. I remember it being taken in our kitchen on our due date (our daughter was a week late). I remember the feeling of being 'stretched' and thinking I was about to burst! Her little feet were digging into the top of my rib cage so when the paediatrician measured her length (twice, after she was born) as he couldn't believe how long she was I thought no wonder I was so uncomfortable!



Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture here. This part for me went by in an absolute blur. I went straight to the delivery room and by-passed the labour ward. I am apparently what is known in the trade as a 'spontaneous birther' and delivery is quick, sometimes it can be so quick the mum can actually go into shock. This nearly happened to me on my 2nd baby and I was told if I ever had a third it would have to be a home delivery.


Hospital ClockCLOCK

Wouldn't it be great to have a picture of the exact time your baby finally arrived into the world? Although the time of birth is noted down by the hospital team, having a visual photo showing this time would be great to include in your baby book. To make sure you don't miss the moment in amongst all the chaos and emotion which surrounds the birth, take a mental note of where the clock is located in the delivery room beforehand so you can quickly take the photo.


Newborn baby being weighedBABY BEING WEIGHED

We unfortunately missed this photo opportunity too! My husband and I keenly looked on in anticipation, eager to know the weight. After carrying the 'bump' around for so long I wanted to know how much she actually weighed. Your baby's birth time and weight are important statistics and a photo of the scales displaying her weight would have been a great addition to her baby book.



Another photo opportunity gone begging! However, at least if you miss the opportunity the first day, it's a photo which you can still capture one or two days after the birth whilst you are recovering in hospital. My daughter had an ID bracelet put on her straight after birth but because I had not been officially checked in before I gave birth I didn't have any ID bracelet provided to me until I was in a ward. The ID bracelet is also a great keepsake item - for ideas about other baby keepsake items click here


Baby's First CryBABY'S FIRST CRY

Usually one of the first things to happen and often a welcome relief for most parents. After giving birth I was so anxious to know everything was OK and the sound of those lungs was music to my ears. It's probably one of the few times you are actually thrilled to hear your baby crying, the joy soon wears off when you are woken up several times a night!!



Your baby may be placed in your arms straight after birth. You might like to get a picture here to remember exactly how your baby looked. For some reason I wasn't prepared for all the blood and mucus which accompanies the afterbirth. You therefore might want to take another picture when your baby is handed back to you again after being cleaned up. I clearly remember the photo of me and my new baby. Wearing a little white hat and green and white striped baby grow she just looked adorable and the expression of my face is just one of absolute awe.


Often Dad's are the first parent to see the new arrival, particularly if in the delivery room they are down the 'business end'! If you are not too tired from labour and feeling up to it you can snap away and take the picture. However, if you're still exhausted from labour then get your partner/husband to ask one of the midwives or doctors to do the honours.



Ask one of the doctors/midwives to take your first picture together as a family. Get them to keep snapping away so you make sure you get a good shot. Often you are not looking quite your best after giving birth. This will be the first of many pictures you take of your new baby, there will be many more to come, especially for your first born.


 Older Sibling Meets New BabyMEETING OLDER SIBLINGS

Obviously not relevant on your first baby but make sure you capture this moment on your subsequent children. Your siblings face often displays some great expression and is often one of bewilderment as to who this new little person is! Their reaction to the new addition to the family may often depend on the older siblings age. 



You'll want to get a picture of this. After all this is the first place your baby will sleep (hopefully!!) after their big adventure. You'll also want to remember that cute face for the next time when they keep you awake all night! There is nothing more peaceful after the chaos of the delivery room than a sleeping newborn and hopefully a nap for an exhausted mum, too!


Newborn baby grasping fingersGRASPING FINGERS

This grasping movement is natural for baby's and can happen as soon as they are born. There is nothing more cute than the tiny fingers of a baby wrapped around the big ones of their mum, dad or grandparents. Make sure you zoom in close to capture the tiny fingers in detail.



Doctors and MidwivesDOCTORS/MIDWIVES

If you feel it's appropriate why not get a photo of the team which helped bring your little one into the world. They do such an important job and when you are looking back on things in years to come it's nice to put faces to the names of your midwives and doctor.



Newborn with GrandparentsMEETING GRANDPARENTS

If your parents are lucky enough to live close by they'll want to hurry down to the hospital to see their new grandchild as soon as they can. Becoming a grandparent, particularly for the first time is a special moment and you'll want to make sure to have a photo capturing the first time they were introduced to one another.


Baby going home from hospitalGOING HOME

If you're like me you spent ages choosing your baby's first outfit and going home outfit so you'll want to make sure you have a picture to remember them both. For me I remember my little one propped in her car seat for the first time on the middle of the hospital bed looking so snug. Then I remember we got her safely home and put the car seat down in the lounge and myself and my husband just looked at one another as if to say 'what do we do now!'


Although the 'birth day' is often chaotic and goes by in a whirlwind and your main priority is the safe arrival of your baby, try and see if you can capture some of the above photos as you'll love looking back and reminiscing.

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By Jane O'Neill