Baby Showers Games and Ideas


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A very funny game which is easy to play. All you need is some toilet rolls, plungers and some space! Split your guests into two teams. Instruct one member of the team to stand approx 10 metres away from the other. One member of the team places a toilet roll between their knees whilst the other member of the team walks towards them with the plunger between their knees and tries to 'make a baby' by inserting the end of the plunger into the middle of the toilet roll. This is very funny to watch! Once a 'baby is made' the team members swap places so the person carrying the plunger now holds the toilet roll. The first team to make 'all their babies' wins.
 Game 1 - Famous Mothers  Game 2 - Put the Nappy on the Balloon
This is a great game to get your guests mingling. Write down a list of Famous Mums, make sure you have listed enough names so all your guests can play and make sure one of the names is the name of the Mum-to-Be. Pin a famous mother's name onto the back of each of your guests and ask guests to mingle and ask questions such as 'am I a model, singer, sports star etc. The guest who is the first to correctly say who they are wins. For this baby shower game you will need a balloon, safety pin and old fashioned cloth or blanket. The winner of the game is the first person to successfully put a nappy on the balloon without it bursting! If the balloon bursts then you are out of the game.
 Game 3 - Wet Nappy Game 4 - Baby Food Surprise
This is a team game and you will need to organise your guests into groups of approx 3 or 4 people. Each group then receives a newborn nappy and a measuring cup filled with water. The groups then have to guess how much water they think the nappy will hold without leaking. Make all the groups write down their answer before you start the game. The group closest to their guess is the winner. For this game you will need to have approx 5 jars of baby food. Make sure the label of each jar is covered by wrapping a piece of paper around the jar. Also, make sure you carefully write down the name of the baby food which will coincide with each numbered jar.  Your party guests have to then guess what type of food is in the jar and write it down. The guest with the most correct answers wins!
 Game 5 - Bobbing for Dummies  Game 6 - Hot Dummy
This is a twist on an old kids party game - bobbing for apples. It is played exactly the same way except you replace the apples for dummies. Use a bath tub and place the dummies in the tub and ask the guests to 'bob' for them. You can use a timer and the guest who 'bobs' the most dummies in the allocated timeframe is declared the winner.    Another game based on an all time kids favourite party game 'hot potato'. Guests are divided into two groups and asked to form a line. Each team receives a pair of chopsticks and a dummy. The object of the game is to be the first team to pass the dummy to the end of the line and back again using only the chopsticks. 
 Game 7 - How Well Do You Know The Mum-to-Be Game 8 - Guess the Size of the Mum-to-Be's Tum
  For this baby shower game you will need to have prepared a list of 15 attributes such as eyes, smile, intelligence, humour etc and made a copy for each one of your guests. The list will be divided into 2 columns and at the top you will have written the names of the parents-to-be. Guests have to then go down the list and put a mark against the attribute you think the Mum-to-Be would prefer her new baby to have i.e. smile from Mum, eyes from Dad etc. Once everyone has allocated their attributes the Mum-to-Be informs the party of her preferences and the guest who matches the most correct attributes wins! This is an individual game and each guest has to guess the size of the Mum-to-Be's tum by using a piece of ribbon. The ribbon is passed around to each guest and they are asked to cut the ribbon to the length they think it will wrap around the Mum's Tum. Once everyone has cut their piece of ribbon the Mum-to-Be measures her own tum with the ribbon and cuts this to size. Each guest then takes turns to measure their piece of ribbon against the Mum-to-Be's and the closest in length is the winner.  
Game 9 - Guess the Baby Pictures Game 10 - Bobbing for Cotton Balls
This game can be played at one time or throughout the course of the baby shower party. Your guests will need to bring a picture of them as a baby. When they arrive at the party collect the pictures and pin them on a corkboard and write a letter next to each one. Prepare a sheet of paper with the letters already written down and give them to your guests and ask them to write down the relevant guest's name next to the appropriate letter. The guest who matches the most correct answers is the winner. For this game you will need a tray/platter, cotton balls, vaseline and a timer. The cotton balls are placed on the tray/platter and guests take turns to 'bob for cotton balls' by dabbing some vaseline on the end of their nose, then putting their hands behind their back and picking up as many cotton balls as possible with their nose. Cotton balls can only be picked up one at a time and guests have to shake or blow the cotton ball off their nose so they can pick up more. Each person usually gets one minute to pick up as many cotton balls as they can and the guest who picks up the most cotton balls wins.
 Game 11 - Price is Right Game 12 - Safety Pins in a Jar
 Purchase approx 10-15 baby items and place them on a tray. Give each guest a piece of paper and ask them to write down the individual price of each item on the tray and then once they had done this ask them to add up the total price of all the items. Whoever is closest to the correct total purchase price wins. Another twist on a kids favourite party game 'guess how many sweets in the jar'. Instead of sweets fill the jar up with safety pins or cotton balls and ask each guest to guess the number in the jar and write it down on a pre-prepared piece of paper. The winner is the one who writes down the closest number.
Game 13 - Whose Your Famous Mum? Game 14 - Dirty Nappy
Compile a list of approx 20 famous Mums. These can be worldwide or just UK based if you prefer. Write the name of the famous mum down the left hand side of the piece of paper and the names of their son/daughter down the right hand side. Make sure you scramble up the names and the correct ones are not opposite one another. Guests have to then match the son/daughter to the famous Mum e.g. Victoria Beckam - Harper Seven, Princess Anne - Zara etc The guest who has the most correct matches wins! The best way to understand how this game is played is to watch the 5 Fun Baby Shower Games video at the top of this page. It is the second game described in the video so fast forward to about 45 seconds.