The Pain and Pleasure of Motherhood


When a new baby comes on the scene, life changes for all parties. For a new Mum the transition to motherhood is huge. Not only do you have to care for a new baby 24/7 with no instruction manual but you have learn to cope with heightened emotions, sleep deprivation and unwanted physical changes to your body! Having given birth you have now doubled your role responsibilities and are expected to perform new tasks alongside existing ones. In short, you now have to juggle your roles as a Mother, Lover, Worker and Other!

This article takes a practical, honest and humorous look at the first year of life for a modern mum following the birth of a baby. There are some light-hearted encounters from my real life situation as a new Mum which show how humour can be brought to stressful situations to enable parenting to be taken less seriously.

Every new Mum has different experiences when it comes to bringing up a baby but all new Mums go through similar experiences during the first year with regard to accepting, embracing, adjusting to and juggling their new roles. 


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