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Shane has always had a keen interest in business. As a 16 year old he set up his own car valeting business in Dublin, Ireland and employed his friends to help him with the work.

He studied a degree in Business Administration at University of Northumbria in Newcastle (UK) and wrote his thesis on How to Create a Competitive Advantage in the Market Place. 

After leaving university in 1995 he went to work in London (UK) for Wiggins Teape, a large paper merchants and specialised in the digital market which in the mid 1990's was a new emerging industry. He moved back to Dublin Ireland in 1996 and worked as a sales rep in the digital print area.

After 3 years experience under his belt when he set up his own company, Absolute Print Ltd. The company operated for 8 years and had an annual turnover of over €1 million. In 2008 he successfully sold the business and was contracted to work with the new buyers as a business consultant with his primary role to increase company turnover.

After selling Absolute Print Ltd he teamed up with his wife and took on the role of Business Development Manager for the online business. His knowledge of the print market proved invaluable in setting up procedures and systems for the fulfilment of website orders. 

His experience in business covers both traditional B2B markets with corporate clients and B2C markets with e-commerce websites where the customer is the primary purchaser. His focus has been on setting up systems based businesses which always ensure the true need of the customer is addressed, culminating in long term business success. As Henry Ford once said:

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

His professional qualification together with an accumulation of over 14 years business experience, the majority of which has been undertaken in a management capacity means Shane has a thorough knowledge and understanding when it comes to business acumen.

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