Photo Cards


Our photo thank you cards have been created with flexibility in mind so they can be personalised to suit any celebration. From birthdays to baptisms, communions to Christmas you can create your own card to celebrate your occasion.

Simply upload your photo(s), type your title and write your own personal message. Choose your own style from a folded greeting card to flat photo cards or why not send a postcard. All our cards are printed on a heavy quality 350gsm silk stock which enables you to handwrite on the card if you would prefer do to this rather than typing a generic message. We also offer a fast and free delivery service as standard.

With the advancements in camera phone technology and digital cameras it's so easy now to take great photos. Many devices also have great applications which allow you to convert photos quickly and easily into a variety of different styles and tones so you can create your perfect picture. So really, there's no excuses now for not creating beautiful cards. 

Wedding Photo Thank You Cards





Sometimes it's hard to decide on just one photo so with our multiple photo designs you don't have to! You can select your top three pictures which capture your special celebration and upload them.





Baby Photo Cards



PICTURE CARD (folded style - landscape or portrait)

Sometimes all you're looking for in a design is the ability to upload your picture and let it speak for itself! Whilst we have many cute design templates we recognise some of our customers just want to send a simple, elegant photo card. We have two templates for you to choose from, a portrait and landscape style so you can choose which design suits the proportions of your photo. With this design you can simply just upload a photo on the front or inside or if you've been creative you can perhaps upload your own design. On the inside you can type your own personal message and any additional details. 



Christmas Photo Cards




It's always great to send a personalised Christmas card to friends or family and one featuring photos is extra special to receive, particularly if you live away. A photo always brings a smile to loved ones and helps get everyone into the festive spirit. To create a truly unique card upload a picture of your baby to celebrate their first Christmas or a favourite family photo from a special event which took place in the year. If you are a company looking to send corporate Christmas cards you can always upload a festive picture of your staff, together with your company logo.




Baby Postcards



PHOTO CARD (flat style - card or postcard options)

As well as folded card styles we also offer the option of flat cards. These styles are perfect to create a memorable card. The front has a large area for your photo and cards are designed with a plain, spotty, striped or diamond patterned border and are available in a range of different colours. There's also the option of ordering this style with a postcard back. Our photo cards have been designed with flexibility in mind and our templates can be personalised online for a variety of special celebrations. Just upload your photo and type your own text to suit the occasion.






Although many of the devices are high tech one thing to be aware of is the settings on your phone or camera. For high quality photos which will print crisp and sharp make sure the settings are set to the highest resolution so you can take the best quality pictures. Also, please be aware sometimes when photos are emailed from phones or mobile devices the file properties are automatically saved down to a lower file size to save on server space. If this happens it is likely the image being emailed will be low resolution. To avoid this happening just make sure you keep the file properties of the image the same when you send your email.

Another thing to be aware of is the colour settings on your phone and camera. If they are set wrong your pictures may not colour balanced correctly and will not print well. Often you will be able to notice if the colour settings are wrong when you view your online proof. Furthermore, since all devices like tv monitors are calibrated differently sometimes there can be some slight tonal differences between what you view on screen and your final printed cards. 

We're happy to check your image is good quality and will print well so if you want to avail of this free service just email your photo(s).

For further helpful tips and advice for taking good quality photos click here