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Jane attended the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (UK) in the early 1990's and studied BA Hons in Sports Studies and later teaching (PE and English) at Loughborough University. Hardly anyone had their own computer and internet access was rare. Pen and paper were Jane's preferred choice for assignment submission and only in her final year when typed assignments were made compulsory did Jane start to embrace the world of computers.

After leaving University in 1995 Jane put her sports knowledge to good use as she undertook event management roles in London (UK) with Advantage International, a global sports marketing agency and in Dublin (Ireland) with the International Rugby Board (IRB), the worldwide governing body for rugby.

Her journey into the business world began in 1999 when together with her husband she started Absolute Print Ltd, a digital print company in Dublin, Ireland. Having never worked in the print industry it was an unknown world. Every aspect of the business was set up from scratch and a steep learning curve endured. Running a small business is hands on and Jane acquired new skills in the area of sales and marketing, accounting, writing company procedures as well as staff management. Jane and her husband successfully sold the business in 2007 to a larger digital print company. 

In 2004, whilst on maternity leave with Absolute Print Ltd Jane set up her own website business selling personalised babycards. The business was inspired following the birth of her daughter. Whilst she had acquired many years of print expertise, website development and management was a whole different ball game. This had to be learnt from the ground up.

Jane's internet business journey started in 2004 and continues to this day. Her websites specialise in selling personalised cards and invitations in niche markets such as baby and wedding. She has founded and manages 4 e-commerce websites, operating in 3 geographical locations (UK, Ireland and Australia) and more are in development. Her new found skills involve website development, project management, content writing, product descriptions, SEO and online marketing. Her love of writing has seen her create the content for the websites, product descriptions as well as many articles offering tips and advice to new mums and dads during the early days of parenting and to new businesses just starting out. 

Since websites are never finished, they are a constant work in progress Jane continues to manage her existing online business and research and develop new niche market areas ready for the next website launch. 

Jane has over 14 years experience in business and 10 years management in online business. 

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